Christmas Feet

$ 17.95

Written by Maureen Sullivan, Illustrated by Alison Josephs

A Gift for Carlos

The third in a series of picture books about that adorable golden yellow “ankle-high” French bulldog named Carlos.

Wonderful scenes true to the spirit of New York and the warmth of holiday caring and sharing.  Award winning author Maureen Sullivan is pictured at the November 2011 fundraising event in Bryant Park,NYC, both she and Alison orchestrated to support three outstanding charities: Best Buddies New York, French Bulldog Rescue Network, and the Sean Casey Animal Rescue.

The words and pictures just keep getting better and better!

Since my visit last year with Alison, at the 2010 Westminster Kennel Club dog show, I have been thrilled to discover all the joy her super bright and luscious paintings have brought to young and old alike.

Her original oil paintings, as pictured here, become the captivating and endearing illustrations for this series of children’s picture books that we are delighted to add to our inventory of works by our customers.

We hope you will find inspiration for your art, in these pages, as well.

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